Blood Product Doses

Unless you do a lot of paediatrics, you often don’t think about the dose of blood products by body weight, and they can sometimes be difficult to find.

  • Red Cells: 4ml X kg X Hb g/dL rise required. (1 unit/bag ~ 300mL)  
  • Fresh frozen plasma: 10 - 20 ml/kg (1 bag ~ 230mL) 
  • Cryoprecipitate: 5-10 ml/kg (1 bag ~ 20mL) 
  • Platelets: 10ml/kg (1 unit ~ 60mL. 1 pooled bag = 5 units)
  • Tranexamic acid: 100mg/kg then 10mg/kg/hr
  • Factor 7: 90mcg/kg
  • Prothrombin (factor 9) complex: 1mL/kg (25units/kg)

In the exam and even in real life, if you don’t know, then ring someone! (ie: the haemotologist)

PS - To make it easier to remember: FFP, cryo and platelets are all about 10ml/kg.

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